Casino gambling Fact or Fallacy

There are a number of Facts and Fallacies which surround the casino and gambling industry. Nearly every person has a story or knows someone who has an unbelievable story about winning it BIG. It's the absolute perfect place for such stories to grow and become larger than life.
People are very interesting and we like to use luck, skill and anything else to make a fast buck to beat the betting systems.
There have been many interesting stories, some based on facts and others which may have happened a long time ago. The point however is, do we really know if these stories have any truth to them?
Spend some time going through some of the points below and you may just become a little wiser to some of the Casino facts and fallacies.

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Facts or Fallacy 1

Casinos can loosen the slot machines at the entrance to attract players.


All modern slot machines are state-of-the-art and controlled by sophisticated computer chips that are programmed according to specific standards, local custom and the basic bet size.

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Facts or Fallacy 2

Video Poker machines have different payouts for the very same hands.


Do your research and find a maximum payout machine. If you can't, you're just giving away your money.

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Facts or Fallacy 3


Casinos do give away free money.


Some Casinos seem to offer free money, however there are always two sides to this free offer.

a.) Yes, Most online Casinos will increase your initial playable amount by a percentage varying anything from 25% to 1000%.

b.) On the other hand there is always a minimum wager attached to the free bonus offer.

e.g. A Casino offers you a R250 Free cash offer and they apply a twenty five (25) times wager. An example of the minimum wager - (e.g. R250 x 25 = R6250) before requesting a withdrawal.

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Facts or Fallacy 4

If a slot machine offers a return of 93%, does that mean that I'll leave the machine with 93% of my money after playing?


On a 93% return machine, the average slot player actually leaves with about 57% of their money. This in the Gambling industry is what is known as ' churning '. It happens because players don't actually pocket their winnings, they put them right back into the machine.

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Facts or Fallacy 5

Before you play any game, you should invest in a book that tells you how to beat the odds.


Understanding the game and the odds can help you be a better player, sure. The probabilities that determine the payouts of any particular game always favour the gaming industry. So unless you're somehow figured a way of cheating, not any one person will beat a game of chance in the long run.

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Facts or Fallacy 6

I always have good luck when I bring my lucky charm with me to play.


Nothing brings you that much luck that you will beat the odds in the long run. Just make sure you make bets you can afford. As the saying goes - Gamble with your head, not over it or with your heart.

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Facts or Fallacy 7

When playing roulette, if a number hasn't been hit in a while, it's due.


That type of thinking is so absurd it even has its own name - "the gambler's fallacy" Each spin of a wheel is a totally random event, which means runs will happen very randomly. You just never know when they'll begin or end.

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